Toma Peiu

Toma Peiu is a filmmaker, writer and media scholar, based and working across the US.

He is pursuing a PhD in Emergent Technologies and Media Arts Practices at the University of Colorado BoulderHe holds an MA in Media Studies from The New School University. His work as a writer, director, still or film photographer confounds with his critical thinking interests in identifying new modes of expression by engaging with technology of various generations. His interdisciplinary narratives bridge fiction, non-fiction, cultural theory, art and real life experience. His hybrid MA thesis project applied the politics of the fragment to mediated observations of public space: in Civilians, a short documentary film; and in a short form writing collection titled Crowded Local Train.

His films, including the narrative shorts he wrote and produced for his partner, director Luiza Pârvu, have been recognized at over 90 film festivals and events worldwide. Toma has recently written, produced and recorded location sound on Ubi Bene Ibi Patria / A Place of My Own, a first feature documentary by Luiza and him.