Sisyphus 2.0 screening at BIEFF 2017

Luiza Pârvu and Toma Peiu's Sisyphus 2.0 is playing in the International Competition of the 7th Bucharest International Experimental Film Festival (March 27th - April 3rd, Bucharest, Romania), in the select company of recent groundbreaking cinema works.

The film was included in the Searching for Transcendence program, screening on March 30th at 8:30pm (Cinema Elvire Popesco) and April 2nd at 3pm (Cinema Muzeul Țăranului).

According to programmer Andrei Tănăsescu's curatorial statement, "With deep humanism and sensibility, Pârvu and Peiu question the meaning of the search, as man-made violence and natural cataclysms - the other side of humanity’s essential creative impulse - jolt the daily existence of the surveilled humans.".