Sisyphus 2.0 wins award at 7th Bucharest IEFF

Luiza Pârvu and Toma Peiu were presented with the Best Romanian Filmmaker Award for their short film "Sisyphus 2.0", at the 7th Bucharest International Experimental Film Festival - the country's premiere showcase for avant-garde cinematic work. The award is offered by UCIN - the Romanian Filmmakers' Union.

According to the jury statement posted to the festival's Facebook page, "Sisyphus 2.0 transfers an ancient Greek parable - or rather its adaptation in French existentialist literature - to an endless stream of surveillance camera recordings, documenting the everyday’s attempt to give a meaning to life. Plain images of the daily routine turn into the representations of a purely restless resilience of the human being."

We wished we could be in Bucharest for the festival. Below is our "Thank you!" video:

Other awarded films include:

"489 Years" (dir. Hayoun Kwon) - Main Award for Experimental Film

"Small Town" (dir. Diogo Costa Amarante) - Best Filmmaker Award

"Summer" (dir. Ronny Trocker) - Best Visual Concept Award

"A Brief History of Princess X" (dir. Gabriel Abrantes) - Special Mention

"Peep Show" (dir. Rino Stefano Tagliafierro) and "I Made You I Kill You" (dir. Alex Badelita) - Audience Award